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Business Conversational tips – Part 1

Business Conversation is very important , it can help you communicate with your foreign customers or agents professionally. Business Conversational Tips includes 5 parts. Now, let’s go to part 1 !

Topic 1 : Introductions.

1. Good morning, ABC Corporation, Carina speaking. Can I help you ?

2. Good afternoon, this is Tommy. Could you hold the line ?

3. I’m sorry, Mr. Smith is on the other line. Would you like to hold ?

4. Hello, my name is Rose from OLN. I would like to speak with your sales manager.

5. Can I have extension 131, please.

6. I’m sorry, but Mr. White is on the other line. Would you like to leave a message ?

7. I’ll have Mr. White call you as soon as he comes back.

8. It was nice talking with you. Thank you for your help. Goodbye.

9. I’ll call back later.

10. Good afternoon Mr.White, let me introduce you to Mrs. Parker, vice president of operations.

11. Please to meet you.

12. May I introduce you to our top sales person, Paul Stevens?

13. Good morning, my name is Allen Brown, from Pepsi Corporation; I’d like to speak with the CEO, please.

14. Hello, this is Graham Scott; Have you received my fax ?

15. I have a Mr. Johnson on the line.

16. Good afternoon, my name is Susan Clerk; I have a 2 o’clock appointment with the CEO of your corporation.

TOPIC 2 : Personnel Matters.

1.Welcome aboard. You can start work on Monday.

2. You will be placed on a three-month probation period at first.

3. You have to punch in and out every day.

4. We’ll pay you a monthly salary of $1,000.

5. You are required to give us a 30-day written notice if you wish to terminate the contract.

6. We are an equal opportunity employer and we believe in equal pay for equal work.

7. You are entitled to three-month maternity leave.

8. I am sorry to inform you that I have lay you off.

9. I want to climb the corporate ladder.

10. The company benefits include sick pay, a two-week paid holiday, and a retirement savings plan.

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